YEE HAA!!! At Builders Surplus, we have 50 to 60 different styles of kitchen sinks available. Whether you are looking for a farmhouse sink or a stainless steel sink we have what you are looking for. Our kitchen sinks are priced 40 – 60% lower than big box stores. Located in the front part of our surplus warehouse, these sinks are brand new at seconds and surplus prices.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount sinks mount below the countertop to add a seamless finish and sleek look to the kitchen workspace or family bath. An undermount sink can give your granite, marble, or other countertops more appeal due to the lack of an unattractive “lip” that ordinary kitchen sink bowls have. Many folks are hesitant to install an undermount kitchen sink because they worry about leaks. Never fear. High strength epoxy or silicone caulk and metal anchors that are adhered to the underside of the countertop provides the strength to hold the undermount sink in position for a lifetime of leak free performance. Most undermount sinks are built with stainless steel, although there are many beautiful copper models on the market as well. Single, double, and even triple bowl undermount sinks are available.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The farmhouse sink is reminiscent of yesteryear and Grandma’s kitchen. Also called an apron sink because of the drop down “apron” styling, the farmhouse sink was designed to weather the rugged abuse of the utilitarian kitchen of days gone by – when meals were cooked like clockwork and in huge proportions. While the homeowner who wants the most authentic looking farmhouse sink will go for a white, ceramic, or fireclay model, farmhouse sinks are also available in other materials – the most popular being stainless steel and copper.

Drop-In Kitchen Sink

Drop-in sinks are designed just as their name suggests – dropping into the hole in your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity. These types of sinks are also known as “self rimming” or “surface mounted” sinks. A more traditional style, the drop in sink is found in many older homes (but in new constructions as well) and can be found on today’s market in porcelain, enameled cast iron, and vitreous china as well as in stainless steel.


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