Tile Flooring at Builders Surplus

“Don’t stop with just kitchen tile, we have tile for every room”

YEE HAA!!! Tile flooring from Builders Surplus keeps your budget in mind without sacrificing your options. At Builders Surplus, we have a wide variety of tile flooring to go in any room of your house at any budgetBrand new tile flooring for less then what you would pay for in Big Box Stores. Stop by and browse our seconds and surplus tile flooring which located in our surplus building material yard. The seconds and surplus section is perfect for an inexpensive habitat restore. Ceramic wood look tileTravertinePorcelain and many more tile flooring options within your budget.

Builders Surplus Warehouse Locations: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta!

Tile flooring is the perfect addition to any high traffic area of your home. Tile flooring is the best choice when looking for a flooring that is easy to maintain and clean. Tile flooring will not warp, bend and twist which makes it ideal for areas where spills and moisture are possible.

The tile craze has swept across every room. Mix and match tile to add your own personal touch to any floor or wall. Stagger multiple colors of tile to create a one of a kind design. Add decorative tile to break up the wall of plain field tiles. Limiting the amount of decorative tile used is an inexpensive way to add flair to your wall. Builders Surplus has heard of tons of unique tile flooring success stories from our customers. Your options are limitless when you make the switch to tile flooring at Builders Surplus.

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We support Habitat for Humanity Restore

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