Prefinished Kitchen Cabinets

Yeehaa!!! Builders Surplus guarantees its customers the highest quality prefinished kitchen cabinets.  Whether your are looking for a more contemporary white shaker cabinet, or a more traditional raised panel mocha cabinet, we have plenty styles for you to choose from.

– Easy to assemble
– Premium all plywood cabinet construction standard
– Dove tail drawers add durability
– Soft close drawer slides
– Free kitchen design consultation
– Free Financing options

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White Shaker

Grey Shaker

Espresso Shaker

Storm Grey Shaker

Mocha Raised Panel




Cabinet Sizes Available



Wall Cabinets




Model Description Model Description
W930 9″w x 30″h W942 9″w x 42″h
W1230 12″w x 30″h W1242 12″w x 42″h
W1530 15″w x 30″h W1542 15″w x 42″h
W1830 18″w x 30″h W1842 18″w x 42″h





Model Description Model Description
W2430 24″w x 30″h W2442 24″w x 42″h
W3030 30″w x 30″h W3042 30″w x 42″h
W3630 36″w x 30″h W3642 36″w x 42″h

Bridge Cabinets




Model Description
W3015 30″w x 15″h
W3615 36″w x 15″h
W3024 30″w x 24″h
W3624 36″w x 24″h

Corner Wall Cabinet




Model Description
WCD2430 24″w x 30″h
WCD2442 24″w x 42″h

Base Cabinets





Model Description
B9 9″w x 34-1/2″h
B12 12″w x 34-1/2″h
B15 15″w x 34-1/2″h
B18 18″w x 34-1/2″h
B24 24″w x 34-1/2″h





Model Description
B30 30″w x 34-1/2″h
B36 36″w x 34-1/2″h

Sink Base Cabinets




Model Description
SB36 36″w x 34-1/2″h

Corner Bases





Model Description
BLSB36 36″w x 34-1/2″h

Drawer Bases



Model Description
B3D12 12″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D15 15″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D18 18″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D24 24″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D30 30″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D36 36″w x 34-1/2″h

Pantry Cabinets




Model Description
UB1884 18″w x 84″h
UB2484 24″w x 84″h




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