In-Stock Unfinished Wood Cabinets

YEEHAA!!! Builders Surplus carries an unbeatable selection of in stock unfinished wood kitchen cabinets.  All of our unfinished cabinets are American Made, and are 100% plywood construction, unlike the particle board cabinets found in bigger box stores. Our cabinets also feature dove tail drawers, 6 way adjustable hinges, and can be painted or stained.  Builders Surplus carries 6 different styles of unfinished cabinets:  raised panel oak, flat panel oak, poplar shaker, raised panel alder, alder shaker, and flat panel maple.  No matter what your taste, we carry an option in stock for you.

Raised Panel Oak

Flat Panel Oak

Poplar Shaker

Raised Panel Alder

Alder Shaker

Flat Panel Maple







Cabinet Sizes Available



Wall Cabinets






Model Description Model Description
W930 9″w x 30″h W942 9″w x 42″h
W1230 12″w x 30″h W1242 12″w x 42″h
W1530 15″w x 30″h W1542 15″w x 42″h
W1830 18″w x 30″h W1842 18″w x 42″h




Model Description Model Description
W2430 24″w x 30″h W2442 24″w x 42″h
W3030 30″w x 30″h W3042 30″w x 42″h
W3630 36″w x 30″h W3642 36″w x 42″h

Bridge Cabinets






Model Description
W3015 30″w x 15″h
W3615 36″w x 15″h
W3024 30″w x 24″h
W3624 36″w x 24″h

Corner Wall Cabinet








Model Description
WCD2430 24″w x 30″h
WCD2442 24″w x 42″h

Base Cabinets






Model Description
B9 9″w x 34-1/2″h
B12 12″w x 34-1/2″h
B15 15″w x 34-1/2″h
B18 18″w x 34-1/2″h
B24 24″w x 34-1/2″h







Model Description
B30 30″w x 34-1/2″h
B36 36″w x 34-1/2″h

Sink Base Cabinets





Model Description
SB36 36″w x 34-1/2″h

Corner Bases





Model Description
BLSB36 36″w x 34-1/2″h

Drawer Bases



Model Description
B3D12 12″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D15 15″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D18 18″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D24 24″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D30 30″w x 34-1/2″h
B3D36 36″w x 34-1/2″h

Pantry Cabinets




Model Description
UB1884 18″w x 84″h
UB2484 24″w x 84″h




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