Iron Doors


YEE HAA!!! Wrought Iron Doors allow for your house to make statement in the neighborhood. Although the upfront cost can be intimidating, iron doors are extremely durable and easy to care for. These doors not only bring elegance to any home but also provide you with an added sense of security.

At Builders Surplus, our selection of Iron Doors are available in RETRO fit making installation easy and available for new construction. The glass front is capable of opening to allow a cool spring breeze to blow through the house. Available in only prehung units, our iron doors are in-stock and priced to be competitive with Big Box stores as well as other seconds and surplus stores. These massive units are located right in the middle of our surplus warehouse.

Wrought Iron Pivot Doors NOW AVAILABLE

Wrought Iron Pivot Doors NOW AVAILABLE!

4 foot and 5 foot wide pivot doors available in standard 6-8 and 8-0 heights!



Iron Doors at Builders Surplus

“Our Iron Doors are the strongest doors at the lowest price”


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