Travertine at Builders Surplus

“Quality Travertine at Discount Tile Prices”

YEE HAA!!! Travertine tile is created from a natural stone that is formed in lime stone caves and hot springs. The characteristics of travertine flooring make it great for being used inside your home or as an exterior option. Travertine tile is available in two different grades which determine the pricing. Premium Grade travertine is a little more expensive and does not contain as many “holes” within the tile. Commercial Grade travertine is a cheaper alternative with the same great look.

At Builders Surplus, we have crates of travertine flooring available. We offer several styles, sizes and colors in large quantities. Located in the back half of our surplus warehouse, our travertine tile is priced at seconds and surplus pricing.

For questions and advice on a Travertine –

All your questions can be answered by a simple clickcall or drive.

We have a How-To section with videos for any installation questions.

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