“Quality Hardwood Flooring at Discount Flooring Prices”

YEE HAA!!! At Builders Surplus, we know of the many options that are available on the market for wood flooring. When shopping for new wood floors you must be aware of the various types of wood flooring that are available. Hardwood flooring is available in 4 different types with each type designed to compliment a certain style of sub-floor. The different types of wood flooring are 3/4″ solid, 5/16″ solid, engineered, and locking.

Wood floors are easy to maintain and care for. Unlike laminate flooring (also referred to as fake wood flooring), hardwood floors can be sanded in order fix minor scratches or blemishes. The process is fairly simple and requires little effort. Wood floors can also be re-stained to adjust to your current taste and style. Laminate flooring is designed to last no longer than 20 years while engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring can last a lifetime if properly maintained (sanded and re-stained every 15 years). With the organic trend sweeping across America, you can rest assured that with solid hardwood floors you are stepping on 100% organic material.

At Builders Surplus, we have exactly what you need to fit your hardwood flooring ideas. Located in the second section of our surplus warehouse, our wood floors are readily available. We have trained and professional associates who are willing to assist you in picking out the perfect wood flooring for your home or office. Stop by and browse our aisles.

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