YEE HAA!!! Custom Doors At Builders Surplus, your exterior door and interior door possibilities are endless. A next day custom door is unheard of at Big Box stores but we have the ability to get yours done fast so that you can get back to the job site. Our sizes range from 12″ door slabs all the way to 48″ door slabs. With 30 years of experience, our door shop team can build a simple closet door all the way to 112″ triple door.

At Builders Surplus, we have the largest selection of seconds and surplus door slabs. Whether you need interior doors or exterior doors our surplus warehouse will have exactly what you are looking for. We also carry a selection of brand new doors that can be built to your specific dimensions.



Our custom door shop can build your single, double, or triple door to your exact measurements. Most doors ready in 5 days.

We have a large selection of steel doors, fiberglass doors and wood doors available to take home today.

Doors available everyday from 24″ to 48″.





For questions and advice on a Custom Door 

All your questions can be answered by a simple clickcall or drive.

We have a How-To section with videos for any installation questions.

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