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YEE HAA!!! We have customers come in everyday wondering why vanity heights vary so much. The height of your bathroom vanity cabinet can range from 32″ to a 36″ comfort height. After the post-war boom, many houses were built with only a single bathroom. The bathroom vanities were designed to accommodate everyone living in the house. Years later, homes were being built with multiple bathrooms. The adults in the household no longer needed to share a vanity with the children and the height was raised to what we now refer to as comfort height (36″).

Builders Surplus Locations:  Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Texas & Atlanta, Georgia!

Most Bathroom Cabinets and Vanity Tops Sold Separately to Mix & Match

At Builders Surplus, we offer bathroom cabinets in different heights and styles. A quick and easy way to change the design of your bathroom, vanities can be as simple or as elegant as you desire. A majority of our bathroom vanities and vanity tops are sold separately allowing you to mix and match. Our bathroom furniture is available in sizes starting at 24″ all the way to 72″.

The best way to see what is available is to stop by one of our locations: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, and witness the endless selection of in-stock bathroom vanities. With a bigger selection than many big box stores, you can take home what you see today.

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