The Kitchen – One of the most used rooms in the house. A room with all the essentials to creating happiness and providing nourishment for our loved ones. A simple opening that is nestled into the corners of our homes that caters to our needs without complaining. We are a rough and demanding people and the kitchen stands up to the brutal trials and tribulations that we toss its way.

Your kitchen deserves to be a warm and inviting place that smiles as friends, family and loved ones walk into her wide stretched arms. For my family, our kitchen was and still is the center of the house. It is where you go to start a conversation and go to fill your stomach and soul with satisfaction. Growing up I would spend hours leaning against out granite island watching my mom cook or telling her about my day and now it is still the place where hugs are first received every Saturday for our family dinners.

The holidays are the Olympics for kitchens. A time for thanks, family and good food. Pantry doors, cabinets and granite countertops are truly tested throughout the season. Like any smart athlete, our kitchens must be maintained in order to withstand the force of these two months. We all know that a band aid won’t heal a broken bone just like painting over old, worn out cabinets won’t solve the problems of rotted wood or outdated styles. Although over the years we have grown attached to the joy a kitchen brings into our lives at a certain point it is time for an update.

Just the millisecond thought of taking on a kitchen remodel can turn people away. The fear of being without a place to gather and a place to eat is something some families dreed while planning for a new kitchen design. We all have heard horror stories of families being stuck weeks and even months without a kitchen because various setbacks and forced to spend the extra money at restaurants and fast food. Most of the time it is simply the unrealistic timelines that we create and the demand we put on finishing a project that requires time and proper planning. Builders Surplus Kitchen Design Experts are here to help bring your dream into focus.

One of the biggest factors in remodeling a kitchen is the time of year. This is one of the busiest time of year for us but also a time of year that brings us the most joy. At Builders Surplus, we want to ensure that we provide you with excellent assistance in creating a new space for new memories. We bring in additional staff during the planning season so that we can provide you with one on one dedicated time.

THE DESIGN (1 to 3 Consultations – 2 Weeks or Less – Depending on Your Availability)

Each design typically requires two visits. We want to ensure that you are getting exactly what you dream of for the budget that is within reality. Let our trained CAD program Kitchen Design Experts assist you with any questions or concerns you might have about your new kitchen. This is the perfect time to measure and remeasure to make sure everything will fit exactly like it is supposed to.


We offer a whole line of in-stock cabinets that you can take with you right after the design is paid for. We also offer more than 20 different special order options that are typically available within 10 days. Most big box stores would want you to wait several weeks for your product to arrive. Our special order collection is shipped directly to our stores and checked off by the Kitchen Design Expert that assisted you with your order. As soon as your dream kitchen arrives, your Kitchen Design Expert will personally call you to inform you of its arrival. All you need to do is schedule for your order to be picked up by either yourself, your contractor or a delivery service.

INSTALLATION (Depending on Availability of Contractor)

We do not offer installation of cabinets or countertops but we do have a list of contractors that have been tried and tested. The contractors that we recommend have shown to do excellent work time and time again. Time is extremely crucial to contractors and you will need to act fast in scheduling one to complete your job.


Many people reuse their old appliances but some will want to purchase new ones. Most places will suggest that you start making your final appliance selections at least a month before you truly need them to be delivered. Nothing changes a room quicker then a fresh coat of paint on the walls. This is something to seriously consider if you are switching from dark kitchen cabinets to light kitchen cabinets. Switching the flooring is something else that needs be considered. Flooring timelines will depend on square footage and material being used.

Let us help begin the process of bring life back into the heart of your home.

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