Yeehaa!!!  Now Featuring Cat Doors at Builders Surplus!

Protect your dogs and cats from the extreme elements day and night by adding a doggy door or cat door. There is no longer a need to worry about your furry friends scratching or barking at your door during all hours of the night. Doggy doors at Builders Surplus are economical and energy efficient.

Dog doors at Builders Surplus are offered in a wide variety of in-stock options. We offer steel and fiberglass dog doors at6’8″ and 8′.

At Builders Surplus We Keep It Simple!

1. Choose either Steel or Fiberglass
2. Choose your door width (32″ or 36″)  and your door height (6’8″ or 8′)
3. Choose your Door Glass Insert (9 Lite, Half View with Blinds, Half View, or a Decorative Glass)
4. Choose your dog door or cat door size






For questions and advice on dog doors –

All your questions can be answered by a simple clickcall or drive.

We have a How-To section with videos for any installation questions.

We support Habitat for Humanity

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