Bathroom Faucets

  • DHI FAUCET-523282
  • DHI FAUCET-522870
  • DHI FAUCET-522862
  • DHI FAUCET-522052
  • DHI FAUCET-522003
  • DHI FAUCET-521997
  • DHI FAUCET-523290
  • DHI FAUCET-523324
  • DHI FAUCET-523373
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  • DHI FAUCET-524561
  • DHI FAUCET-524587
  • DHI FAUCET-524603
  • DHI FAUCET-524629
  • DHI FAUCET-524645
  • DHI FAUCET-524991
  • DHI FAUCET-525006
  • DHI FAUCET-525022
  • DHI FAUCET-525105
  • DHI FAUCET-525113
  • DHI FAUCET-525584
  • DHI FAUCET-525766
  • DHI FAUCET-525824
  • DHI FAUCET-525832
  • DHI FAUCET-545327
  • DHI FAUCET-545384
  • DHI FAUCET-545517

Bathroom Faucets at Builders Surplus

“Discount Bathroom Faucets and Bathroom Furniture”

YEE HAA!!! Builders Surplus offers a huge selection of bathroom faucets and bathroom furniture. Our bathroom faucets are available in bronze, brass and satin nickel. We have many trendy faucets styles for less than big box stores. We have the right bathroom faucet to fit your bathroom ideas.

For questions and advice on Bathroom Faucets –

All your questions can be answered by a simple click, call or drive.

We have a How-To section with videos for any installation questions.

We support Habitat for Humanity Restore

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