Granite is a great investment for any kitchen that can last a lifetime when cared for properly. The natural stone requires regular cleaning and annual care that can be completed quickly. Maintaining your granite countertops every year is the key to keeping the perfect shine. We recommend looking purchasing the Care Kit by Stone Care.

Wipe your countertops daily using a stone soap or a pH neutral cleaner. You will want to stay away from strong chemical cleaners and “natural” cleaners that use lemon and vinegar. Although granite is a durable stone, you do not want to use any abrasive material while cleaning. After you have cleaned your granite countertops, make sure to dry the surface. React quickly to any spills that occur throughout the day and never set hot pots or pans directly onto the granite surface.


Keeping up with day to day countertop cleaning will only make your annual granite cleaning that much easier. The market is flooded with with all types of annual care granite cleaning sealers and most will fall into one of three categories.

Topical Sealer
Topical sealers are divided into permanent sealers and strippable sealers. Permanent sealers are difficult to remove while strippable sealers can easily be removed and reapplied as needed. Topical sealers are much cheaper but will easily show scuff marks and signs of wear will be visible on high traffic areas.

Penetrating Sealers
Penetrating sealers, also referred to as impregnators, penetrate deep into the granite in order to block contaminants. Solvent based penetrating sealers allow for the active ingredients to penetrate the stone and remain. Solvent based sealers are considered to be more effective but will not leave a shine that most people desire.

Stone Enhancer Sealers
Stone enhancer sealers are much like penetrating sealers except they darken the stone during the sealing process. Enhancers will help bring the stones original colors and patterns out. If you are looking to protect and brighten your countertop then this would be the type of sealer for you.

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